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There’s no doubt that a swimming pool can make a fine addition to any property. There’s also no arguing, however, that successful swimming pool ownership comes with many different responsibilities. If you want to keep your pool healthy, attractive, comfortable and inviting, then you need to make routine maintenance work a goal. It’s more than okay if you don’t have the time or abilities necessary to look after your pool properly, though. That’s simply because you can always turn to Aloha Clean Pool & Spa LLC for all of your pool service requirements. We’re a family-run pool cleaning business that’s located in the Inland Empire. If you need, insured and licensed swimming pool services in the area, you can turn to us with complete confidence.

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Why You Should Work With Aloha Clean Pool & Spa LLC

There are so many reasons to depend on Aloha Clean Pool & Spa LLC for all of your local pool care needs. The technicians on our staff, first and foremost, are experienced CPO (Certified Pool Operator) professionals. That means that they know exactly what they’re doing. If you’re looking for in-depth pool cleaning service that is optimal for safety, our technicians can offer it to you. Our team members use pool cleaning and maintenance tools that are strong in quality. They rely on equipment that’s safe, dependable and state of the art as well.

Our company offers both commercial and residential pool services. We’re a firm that has a strong dedication to full customer satisfaction. First-class customer service is a way of life for our hard-working technicians. Nothing matters more to our firm than safety. We approach all of our pool maintenance specialties with all of the care and focus in the world. We want all of our customers to enjoy safe, smooth and comfortable swimming pool experiences no matter what. Our team members are well-versed in all kinds of comprehensive swimming pool treatments. They have extensive expertise that pertains to all different facets of proper swimming pool care as well.


Cost Effective Cleaning Services In Your Area

Keeping your swimming pool in fine condition shouldn’t cost you a pretty penny. When you’re looking for economical professional pool services in the Inland Empire, there’s no company that can accommodate you better than we can here at Aloha Clean Pool & Spa LLC. We go above and beyond to provide our customers with pool care and cleaning rates that are unmatched. Affordability means the world to us.

Here are some of the services we offer

If you do not see a service listed below, we most likely offer it! Just ask us!

Regular cleaning, servicing and maintenance is vital for your swimming pool. It will not only retain its value, but even enhance it over time. On the other hand, adding the wrong balance of chemicals, neglecting regular servicing and maintenance or failing to replace ineffective parts will shorten the life of the pool. Indeed, in time such neglect will cause it to become unsightly and even render it potentially dangerous. In addition, such neglect will sharply reduce its value as an asset to your property.

Yet not everyone can take care of their pools on a regular basis. Being busy at work, taking vacations or simply forgetting to ensure proper maintenance can cause a pool to be neglected, unusable, and result in long-term damage.

At Aloha Clean Pool & Spa LLC we will set up a maintenance schedule, including regular checks on your pool and its equipment, at a reasonable price that will take the worry out of caring for your pool. We also stand ready to take care of unsightly or inefficiently operating pools and restore them to their original state.

Our CPO certified technicians will provide you with professional and efficient care, whether your pool is residential or commercial. As a family owned and operated as well as licensed and insured pool cleaning company, we will meet your pool cleaning needs efficiently and professionally.

Safety checks

Safety is Aloha’s top priority. To be safe, a pool needs not just to be clean, it needs also to be regularly maintained. Our safety checks will show up any problems so we can correct them and be sure your pool works as it should.

Routine filter cleaning

Your pool’s filter can become clogged, causing your pool to run inefficiently and costing you money. We will clean and if necessary replace your filter so that your pool runs well at all times.

Pool equipment repairs

Inevitably over time equipment can break or malfunction. Our top-quality technicians will conduct the correct repairs so that your pool will be functioning like new, avoiding long-term harm from malfunctioning equipment.

Pump replacement

When your pump motor starts running intermittently, has become noisy or breaks down completely, we will replace it. Our technicians have extensive training and experience, you can rest assured that the pump replacement will be conducted correctly.

Drain and refill

Every few years it can become necessary to drain a pool and refill it with clean water. A common reason is that the chemical balance in the pool is making it harder to treat the pool, causing you to overspend. Draining the pool correctly requires expertise. We’ll ensure it is done right so that it does not harm your pool’s surface or liner.

Routine filter cleaning

Your pool’s filter can become clogged, causing your pool to run inefficiently and costing you money. We will clean and if necessary replace your filter so that your pool runs well at all times.

Phosphate treatment

Only an expert can tell whether your pool needs phosphate treatment to ensure it is kept clean. Our staff can do so and will apply the treatment if it is deemed necessary.

Green pool services

Should your pool turn green and cloudy, call Aloha immediately. We will check the chemical balance and the pool equipment and determine the reason for the green appearance. We will then take the necessary steps to restore the water to its correct cleanliness.

Spin labs

Testing your pool water regularly and accurately is essential. We will use spin labs to ensure that your water is receiving the correct treatment at all times.

Power vac

When cleaning even a small pool, it is usually best to use a power vac rather than a small and ineffective pump. Aloha has the best and most efficient power vac equipment for your pool.

Shock alert

Should you suspect that electrical voltage is present in your pool — or even if you want to find out whether it is present at all — we will test your pool to make sure that it does not build to dangerous levels.

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